Global Resuscitation Alliance-2021 Live Webinar

Scientific and Regional Resuscitation Updates

There are three sessions in America, Asia-Pacific and Europe
  • Time: 05/27 2021.
    the Americas webinar| (UTC-05:00)  Central Time (U.S. and Canada) 14:00 (5/28 03:00 at Taiwan)
    the Asia-Pacific webinar| (UTC+08:00) Singapore Time 14:00 (5/27 14:00 at Taiwan)
    the European webinar| (UTC+01:00) Central European Time 14:00 (5/27 21:00 at Taiwan)
  • Content:
    ※Explore new science and strategies for effective implementation of guidelines
    ※Learn about late-breaking science from top experts
    ※Gain valuable knowledge-sharing by drawing on good practice examples of relevant programs in different countries and regions
  • Global Resuscitation Alliance (More info. here):
    The Global Resuscitation Alliance was proposed at a meeting on how to implement best practices in community resuscitation held in the Utstein Abbey near Stavanger, Norway on June 6-7, 2015. The GRA calls upon all communities to implement best resuscitation practices and afford every person a decent chance to survive cardiac arrest. We know that best resuscitation practices can achieve survival rates of over 50% from ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest. GRA published “Acting on the Call”, issued a report laying out ten programs to improve survival and ten steps to achieve successful implementation. These programs will lead to an increase in cardiac arrest survival in your community. Each section gives a summary along with real-world case studies of the program in action.

    Ten Programs (More info. here)
    Program1:Establish a Cardiac Registry
    Program2:Implement Dispatcher Assisted CPR
    Program3:Implement High Performance CPR, HP-CPR
    Program4:Implement Rapid Dispatch
    Program5:Digitally Record All Attempted Resuscitation
    Program6:Begin AED Program for First Responders
    Program7:Use Smart techlonoloies to Extend CPR and AED Use
    Program8:Make CPR and AED Training Mandatory in School
    Program9:Work Toward Accountability
    Program10:Work Toward a Culture of Excellence
  • 💡Taiwan Resuscitation Alliance
    The “2019 Resuscitation Academy Taipei” invited experts and scholars from the United States, Norway, Japan, Singapore and China to share the successful experience of EMS from countries around the world. Sixteen units including the
  • Taipei City Fire Department, the Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine, the Asian Association for Emergency Medical Services and the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China signed a declaration, vowing to jointly improve the chain of life in the community and protect lives.